Snow Removal for Commercial Properties

Winter Weather Record Keeping Tools for Businesses

Winter Incident Report

Snow & Ice Removal Log

Keep reliable records. Track when snow was removed from your property and walkways. 

Winter Property Maintenance Planning Checklist

The Importance of Snow Removal Planning for Businesses

Owners and managers of commercial property have an obligation to maintain safe conditions for employees and occupants. During the winter season, walkways, stairs, driveways, interior roadways and parking lots become slip and trip hazards as snow falls and ice forms. This is not only a safety hazard, it can also be an expensive legal issue for property owners, if an accident occurs. That’s why snow removal planning for businesses is such an important consideration.

To prevent injuries and minimize injury costs, commercial property owners should consider implementing a snow removal program using the checklist provided.

The program should identify responsibilities, communication strategies, equipment used and follow-up procedures for snow removal. In addition, all of your actions (or the actions of a hired snow removal contractor) should be outlined in a snow and ice removal log. Periodically, review your program to ensure that it is successfully working for your property and is minimizing the rate of injuries.

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Snow Removal Planning for Businesses