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From the National Safety Council

This COVID-19 risk exposure index serves as guidance for office settings, taking into account three broad categories of Location, Interaction, and Task.

Based upon the total risk exposure score, individuals can undertake one of three levels of risk mitigation activities consisting of a combination of physical distancing, hand washing, and face covering.

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New Hampshire Business Insurance Resources

How to Prepare for an OSHA Visit

Safe Technology Checklist for Businesses

From the NCSA and

New Hampshire – Required Workplace Posters

New Hampshire Personal Insurance Resources

Simple Guide to Life Insurance Terms

Personal Insurance Glossary

Retirement Planning Calculator

Credit Card Pay-off Calculator

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist 2019

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Davis & Towle Insurance Group Proudly Supports White Birch Center in Henniker with Financial Contribution

  Concord – October 2, 2020 – Davis & Towle Insurance Group, a local independent insurance agency with offices in Concord, Franklin, Amherst, Henniker, Plymouth, Nashua, Hillsborough and Meredith, is proud to share its support of White Birch Center by making...

How To Make an Emergency Supply Kit For Your Family

Ready to start making your family's emergency supply kit? Download & print our comprehensive checklist and start plugging away!The Basics Everyone should have some basic supplies on hand in order to survive for at least three days if an emergency or disaster...

What it Takes To Serve Liquor; NH Liquor Liability Insurance 101

Serving alcohol is a common practice for restaurants, bars, catering companies, entertainment venues and similar establishments. While providing a wide array of beverage options is important, serving alcohol in particular can create a variety of risks for business...

Henniker Insurance Agency Renovation Complete

Henniker Insurance Agency; Freshly Renovated and Safely Re-Opened Davis & Towle Insurance Group is proud to announce the completion of their office renovation at 8 Main Street in Henniker, NH. A team of local agents have returned to the new and improved space,...

Factors That Affect The Cost of Home Insurance in New Hampshire

Factors That Affect The Cost of Home Insurance in New Hampshire Home insurance coverage differs from policy to policy depending on a multitude of factors. Being aware of these factors that affect your premium can ensure that you are appropriately covered. Review this...

HR Insights : A Guide for Effectively Leading Remote Teams

Effectively Leading Remote Teams HR Insights Brought to you by the insurance professionals at Davis & Towle Insurance GroupfacebooktwitterlinkedinDue to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, more employees are working remotely than ever before. As...

Davis & Towle Insurance Group and Union Mutual Donate $12,000 to the White Birch Center in Henniker

Davis & Towle Insurance Group and Union Mutual Donate $12,000 to the White Birch Center in Henniker, New Hampshire Henniker, NH – Davis & Towle Insurance Group and Union Mutual donated $12,000 to help support the sustainability of the White Birch Center during...

Get the Best Rates on Auto Insurance in Concord NH | Safe Driving Saves Money

Did You Know? For better or worse, premium on your auto insurance in Concord NH is a direct result of your driving record. The amount is determined by the insurance company, to cover the costs of insuring you and your family as drivers on the road. Want to lower your...

Agency Roundup March 2020 | Featured NH Events & News

New Hampshire Insurance FreebiesCommercial Insurance Free ResourcesCoronaviruses and the workplace: Discusses actions employers can take against deadlier variations of coronavirus that have cropped up in recent years.6 Signs of Employee Burnout: This...

Everything You Need To Know When You File An Insurance Claim

Many people are flustered when they file an insurance claim given that claims typically follow devastating events like car accidents, illnesses or home fires. To help you file a claim with ease, we have compiled some useful information you need to make the best of...

Agency Roundup February 2020 | Featured NH Events & News

New Hampshire Insurance Resources & Downloads : February 2020Commercial InsurancePersonal Insurance : February ResourcesFebruary is Insurance Careers Month Insurance is on eof the most promising industries with a bright future and a sweeping range of careers. But...

New Hampshire Life Insurance Coverage Calculator

Get a life insurance quote from our friendly Life & Health Insurance department.

Need Jewelry Insurance? Here’s how to use an Inland Marine Policy

I was recently asked some thoughtful questions on the insurance options available for personal jewelry. Given the many options and types of coverages available, I thought this was a "valuable" blog topic!Should I add insurance for my new jewelry? There are two main...

Dealing With a NH Homeowners Insurance Claim

Dealing With a NH Homeowners Insurance Claim If you’ve had a fire, water damage or another unfortunate event in your home, don’t fret. We have all the information that you need to get your claim underway so you can get your life back to normal. When you have a NH...

Ride-Sharing: Uber Convenient or Uber Risky?

With the price of taxi services in most cities rising, people are relying on a new form of transportation called ride-sharing. Companies like Uber and Lyft can be very convenient for those who don’t own a car or quickly need a ride. However, ride-sharing still poses...

How Business Owners Should Handle Insurance Carrier Recommendations

New Hampshire Business Insurance: Handling Insurance Carrier Recommendations As a New Hampshire business owner, you take on a certain level of risk—it’s unavoidable. Losses related to fires, floods, workplace accidents, products liability and other kinds of exposures...

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist 2019

Make sure you have the best pricing and coverage this Fall! Get a free, no-obligation quote and save money. Submit your home insurance quote request:

6 Reasons Why Car Insurance Prices Are on the Rise

Why Are Car Insurance Prices Rising? Inflation will cause the price of all insurance policies to rise slowly, but you may have noticed that your car insurance has risen more than normal lately. Most lines of insurance cycle between soft and hard markets over a number...

Protecting Your Big Day; What Wedding Insurance Covers

Prepare yourself for the big day with wedding insurance. Learn what wedding insurance covers, and purchase wedding insurance in NH, easily.

More Than 100 Million Capital One Customers Involved in Data Breach

Data From More Than 100 Million U.S. Capital One Customers Involved in Data Breach Capital One announced on July 19, 2019, that the personal information of more than 100 million of its U.S. customers was compromised in one of the largest data breaches involving a...