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Green Living Tips For Your Home

GREEN LIVING TIPS FOR YOUR HOMELive Green in Every Room in Your Home Living green, building green and surrounding yourself with earth-friendly products minimizes the negative impact you have on the natural world. By abiding by green living principles in your home, not...

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The Cost of NH Workers Compensation: Payroll and Your Premium

Part III of Understanding Your NH Workers' Compensation PremiumThe relationship between what you pay your employees, and what you pay in premium. Review In the third and final installment of this series we’re talking about payroll. This will conclude our review of the...

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Insurance Coverage at College: A Parent’s Guide

A parent's guide to insurance coverage for your college student.  Insurance coverage for college: 101 This is the time of year I often receive questions about the coverages needed to protect students who are away at school. These requests are common for parents...

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