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New Hampshire Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Coverage Basics

Workers’ compensation is required by law for all NH employers. There are literally no two states that have the same set of laws and regulations that define their workers’ compensation requirements. For any employers out there – spend some time getting to know the rules for the states you operate in because the consequences of failing to comply with workers’ compensation requirements, are rarely gentle.

Workers’ Compensation policies typically provide for the following:

Income Replacement:

Income replacement benefits are paid during an employee’s period of disability (not able to work). The scope of the disability and whether it is permanent or temporary usually defines the benefit that is received. The weekly payment amount is a percentage of the worker’s weekly wage. Most states set up income replacement to be paid for as long as the employee is disabled.  There are a few though that specify a maximum number of weeks.

Medical expenses:

If injured on the job, an employee’s medical treatment costs will be paid by your workers compensation policy.  This might include payment for surgical and emergency medical services, doctor appointments, physical therapy, prescription medications etc.

Death Benefit:

In the event of a work-related death, workers’ compensation coverage provides $10,000 in burial expenses, and weekly benefits for a spouse and dependents up until any qualifying events such as marriage or the dependent reaches a certain age.

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