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The standard homeowner’s insurance in New Hampshire does not provide flood coverage.

We all know about the devastating floods and storms that have hit parts of New Hampshire. The flooding in Alstead and the rerouting of the Suncook River are just two notable examples. We’ve dealt with many clients’ properties affected by flooding in designated flood zones, as well as areas previously thought to be safe from rising waters. Flooding can happen near large sources of water such as the ocean, lakes, rivers and streams, or in localized areas due to a stationary thunderstorm, a blocked culvert, or an overflow of snow-melt and rainwater.

The point is that flooding is a real risk all over the United States and at the very least, it is worth evaluating your exposure and considering your ability to recover should you be the victim of flood related damages.  Contact Davis & Towle Insurance Group for more insight or to obtain a free New Hampshire flood insurance quote.

We are your flood protection insurance agents in New Hampshire

Davis & Towle has partnered with G.C. Engineering of Belmont, New Hampshire to provide accurate flood determinations for our flood insurance policies.

If a discrepancy on the flood map is suspected, G.C. Engineering can create an elevation certificate and produce an electronic letter of map amendment (E-LOMA). This E-LOMA capability means they may be able to correct the error in time for your closing; saving you money out-of-pocket.

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