Over 10 Types of NH Auto Insurance Discounts

At any point you could qualify for a car insurance discount from a specific carrier – in fact, you may qualify for many. That’s what’s so great about working with us; you can access different discounts from many carriers in one place, rather than being restricted to the options of only one.

We’re here to help you determine not only which discounts you qualify for, but which will give you the most savings on your NH car insurance policy.

Here are the NH Auto Insurance Discounts you can access through us:


Car Feature Related Discounts

Anti-Lock Brakes:

You’ve probably seen the “ABS” feature on a vehicle. They’ve become a standard feature on almost all modern cars today. As such, most insurance companies offer an anti-lock brakes car insurance discount.


Some of our car insurance carriers offer noteworthy discounts to our client’s with an anti-theft device in their car. These tools safeguard cars against theft. Savings may vary based on the type of device installed, whether it was factory installed or driver installed, and other factors. This article from Car And Driver dives into some of the best anti-theft devices available for our client’s vehicles.

Passive/Active Restraints

One of the most common NH auto insurance discounts offered by our carriers, is the passive restraint discount. In general, vehicles with automatic restraint systems that automatically activate without input from the driver (typically seatbelts or airbags) qualify for this discount.


Auto Policy Related Discounts

Multi Car:

For clients who have more than one car in their household, we’ll place you with a carrier who can offer a discount for insuring more than one car with them.

Multi Policy:

If you need more than one personal insurance policy, we have carriers who will give you a discount when you protect all of your personal needs, with them. Placing yourrenters insurance, homeowners insurance, car insurance, RV insurance or otherwise with the same carrier, is a great opportunity to save on your NH car insurance!

Paid In Full

Several of our carriers offer substantial discounts on auto insurance, but you must pay the entire cost of the policy up front.

Loyalty Discounts

This is a newer discount that a few of our carriers have started offering to NH auto insurance customers. In return for staying with the same insurance company for a pre-specified period of time, you would be eligible for a loyalty discount on your policy moving forward.

Paperless Discounts

We have carriers who give a discount on your auto insurance if you choose to have documents emailed instead of mailed.

Advance Quote Discount

Some of our carriers will pay when you plan ahead for your auto insurance! They offer a discount if your coverage start date is a specifc amount of time later than the date you request your initial premium quote (usually about 7 days later). 


Driver Related Car Insurance Discounts

Safe Driver

We have options from car insurance companies that offer discounts for safe driving as one way to save you money on your coverage. These carriers will allow you to sign up for their safe-driving program, as long as you allow them to attach their safe-driving device to your car for safety monitoring.

Good Student

Young drivers who earn good grades in school are eligible for good student discounts on their auto insurance policies.

Driver Training

Taking a driver safety course can help you get a car insurance discount with many of our carrers.

Taking advantage of the right car insurance discount for your life, is easy when you can access and compare many of them in one place. Give us a call or start your free quote online, to compare your NH car insurance discounts.