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When things take a turn in the wrong direction, NH Wedding insurance will help with getting things on track.

Even though you are meticulously planning your wedding, there are many things that could go wrong – things you cannot control. But you can control whether you have wedding insurance in NH to ease the impact of a potential risk. 

According to data from The Knot, in 2021 the average nation wide cost for a wedding reception was roughly $22,500. And you may not be surprised to hear that in New Hampshire specifically, the average wedding in 2021 cost $32,100.

So it’s no surprise that you’re here trying to figure out whether you can purchase wedding insurance that can ultimately prevent the loss of a big chunk of money, should something go wrong with your wedding plans.

The good news is, the cost of wedding insurance in NH is affordable relative to the protection it provides, and we’re here to help you find the best coverage that’s tailored to your wedding AND your budget. 

What Wedding Insurance Covers

lost wedding rings

Lost Rings

reimbursement wedding


In the event of a necessary and unavoidable cancellation or postponement of the event, reimbursement can be provided

wedding dress reimbursement

Wedding Dress cost

If bride’s wedding gown or groom’s tuxedo is lost or damaged

Coverage for ruined photos

lost wedding rings

Damaged Gifts

severe weather

Severe Weather

liquor liability

Liquor Liability

And more!

Coverage Is Tailored To Your Wedding and Your Needs. Each policy is different and certain exclusions or conditions may apply depending on the carrier.

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When it comes to buying wedding insurance, there are many things to know – what types are available, how much protection you need, and what a fair price is. That’s why it’s important to have an independent agent like us, looking out for you and your family.

We explain what will be covered and what isn’t, so you walk away knowing exactly what your wedding insurance pays for.
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